As of now, you canĀ get going on your next exam knowing that if you don’t pass it, you can take it again for free. A reminder of how it works, a complicated two-step process.

  1. Register for the offer FIRST via
  2. Then register for your exam via Prometric

Follow up to your earlier questions:

  • This is good for any MCP (70-XXX) exam or Dynamics exam.
  • This can not be used with academic exams (72-XXX), but a similar program for Academic will be announced in October.
  • Can not be combined with any other offers or vouchers you already have in-hand.
  • You can only use your free second chance on the exam you failed (i.e. if you pass it, you don’t get to go and take any old other exam for free)
  • You can get the offer on more than one exam; after your first registration you will receive an e-mail that should explain how to set up a second shot on additional exams.

Good luck, my testing friends. But not as much luck as I normally might wish you, because now you have a second shot. I’m not so worried.