Referrals and Recommended Links

I often get asked “Whats that X that you use for doing Y?”
So here is a list of products / software / sites I love and use regularly.

Referral Links

These links a “refer a friend” style, we both get something out of it. Details with each link.

Aussie Broadband

I have been very happy with AussieBB. They provide dual-stack residential connections, and if you're premises is NBN ready you can be online in < 30 mins!
Your friend gets a $50 credit
Aside from the same great features that we offer all our customers – they'll receive a $50 credit on their account when they sign up using your referral code, OR they can apply an eligible promo code when signing up.

Catch of the Day

When you get your friends signed up to via the referral link below, they’ll get a bonus $10 store credit after they make their first purchase! You’ll then be rewarded with your own $10 store credit! Too easy! And the more friends you refer, the more store credit you receive, so start spreading the word!

Dollar Shave Club

Share your unique link on the web and let your friends know you get $5 when they join the Club. Cha-ching!


For every friend who joins and installs Dropbox on their computer, we’ll give you 1 GB and your friend 500 MB of bonus space.


Let's both get a free upgrade to Droplr Pro here:


You'll be rewarded with 1 month of free LastPass Premium for each friend you invited who creates a new LastPass account. Even better, they'll also receive 1 month of free LastPass Premium too!


Get $10 FREE Kogan Credit.


You’ll love MOO! They’ve got awesome print products to help you stand out.
Get 10% off your first order:


Stickermule make awesome Stickers, Labels, Magnets, Buttons, Vinyl Decals, Poly Mailer Bags and Packaging Tape (so your boxes look like Amazon or Catch!)
Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule

VPS Providers

Gave these their own section. Each have their pros and cons.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean's droplets(servers) are easily configurable via API's.


If someone signs up using your referral code, you'll receive a credit of $20.00, so long as the person you referred remains an active customer for 90 days.


Vultr's servers in Sydney, US and UK are excellent!

Recommended Links

These companies don't have a referral/coupon for me to share, but are still fantastic!