After such a busy day on Sunday, Monday morning was a sleep-in…  yeah. 

Tuesday – Vanessa & Kerrie-Anne went on a half-day tour to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, whist Ben & Kristie relaxed around the pool.

Tuesday Night was Lovo night… Where they cook roast in a traditional camp oven..  Personally I think us Australian Scouts could teach them a thing or 2.. The meat was dry…

They also did some traditional dancing..  I will put up videos on Flickr when I return home.

PA280017      PA280023

PA280026      PA280027


Wednesday – Vanessa & Kerrie-Anne went to Nadi Town to get some groceries. Kristie and Ben cleaned the apartment.

Thursday – Another Sleep-in day….  we are really on FIJI Time now.. 🙂