OpenID is a way for individuals to create identity online and use it anywhere OpenID is supported.

For geeks, OpenID is an open, decentralized, free framework for user-centric digital identity. OpenID takes advantage of already existing internet technology (URI, HTTP, SSL, Diffie-Hellman) and realizes that people are already creating identities for themselves whether it be at their blog, photo stream, profile page, etc. With OpenID you can easily transform one of these existing URIs into an account which can be used at sites which support OpenID logins.

For individuals, OpenID means the elimination of multiple user names and passwords and a smoother, more secure, online experience. For businesses, this means a lower cost of password or account management, the opportunity for easier and higher numbers of new user registrations and the elimination of missed transactions because of user frustration with lost and forgotten passwords. OpenID allows for innovation in the authentication space beyond just using a password to “unlock” your OpenID identity, but the ability to strongly protect your OpenID and have that benefit move with you everywhere you go online.
Verisign take this one step further. Verisign PIP allows you to secure yout credentials with a two-factor token. This token also works with Ebay and Paypal.

Whilst token-based authentication isnt a cure all, it does significantly imrpove the security of someone accessing your account by obtaining your password.

Verisign PIP
Paypal Security Key