OK – so you’ve probably worked out my post isn’t about IT..   for the next 2 weeks I am on Holidays.

Our flight from Melbourne left late (if you are on AEDT) but on-time if you’re a Fijian.
Fiji time is generally up to 20mins late, but can be up to 2 hours late if there are enough people still enjoying themselves.

So our 00:30 flight boarded at 00:50, departed at 01:30 and arrived in Nadi at 06:45 – 50 minutes late.

On the plane we were seated in the middle seats of the plane, and were are hot and irritable the whole way there, people sitting on the window seats were cold.
(Note to self – Sit near the window seats on the way home)

Arriving in Nadi to find they do have aerobridges, I was assisted off the plane, though immigration, then they collected our bags, and we flew though customs and quarantine in seconds. (Talk about service). This was of course assisted by the quarantine x-ray machines not working, so they were just doing random bag searches.

The nice Air Pacific staff arranged us a taxi to our hotel, which cost FJ$8.

Upon arrival at the hotel things slowed down. Yes we were early (8am – with check in at 2pm), but we were at least expecting to be able to change into swimwear and have a swim in their pool…  err. No.  Not until we had checked in and that wouldn’t be until they had a room available.

So we had an overpriced breakfast in their open-air restaurant, and then got a taxi into Nadi Town.

Nadi Town is interesting. Lots of people trying to get you into their shop, lots of Indians, lots of offers for a taxi (if only I had a $1 for every offer…) Our Taxi driver dropped us off at Tappoo, the 2nd most expensive place in Nadi Town.
He gave us a card to enable us to get him to pick us up again, which became clear to us was a Tappoo referral card. We get the benefit of the same driver back to our hotel – he gets a commission for dropping us off there and no doubt a percentage of our purchases. Unlucky for him we only purchased a 50c postcard.

2 hours of walking the main street was enough for us, and we took our purchases (2 prepaid Nokia phones, bottled water and some soft drink) back to the motel.

Returning our room still wasn’t ready (12pm) so all we could do was wait outside (at least it was undercover.)

The change in the staff once our room was ready and my credit card swiped was amazing. Suddenly they were most helpful…

Off to their pool… and dinner at their restaurant.

I had better mention the dinner. I am writing this on Day 3 night and Kristie is still raving about how good the Pizza was.
We got 2 large pizzas, one Meat Lovers and one Chilli, the Chilli pizza was mild (as requested), but very nice.  Between us we consumed 1 1/2 pizzas, and it was delicious. (and I’m sure being 36hrs without sleep has no influence)

Enough for this post.