So this morning we left the Mercure Nadi and headed out to the Worldmark Denarau Island.

Denarau Island is a man-made island where all the major resorts are located, and has lots of security to keep everyone safe.

The resort is amazing. Our 3 bedroom ground floor apartment is fantastic, and fairly close to the pool.
Pricing around Denarau Island has the expected “tourist tax” applied, but some of the resturants have reasonable meals.

There is a free Bulla Bus that transports you between the resorts and the Denarau Port.

We are going to buy more food tomorrow from Nadi so we can self-cater Breakfasts and Lunches.

Lessons Learned 1 – Taxis
Running a Taxi is a popular “business” for the locals, with both registered taxis (yellow plates) and rouge taxis, who use their private cars. Taxis vary in quality from 1970s Toyotas (There is one company that has a fleet of Toyota Corolla station wagons) to late 90s models.

Whist all registered Taxis have meters installed, pity the fool who insist on the driver using it. Taxis have agreed pricing from point to point, and they usually wont charge for waiting around. The meter price is MUCH higher than the agreed price. So what’s the catch?  Well there are MANY people asking you if you want a taxi, and once you’ve caught a few you have a good idea of the cost, but the quality taxi will take you the most direct route and try to encourage you to utilise them exclusively. The rouge taxi will go on the old (unmade and bumpy) roads, at incredible speeds, and then try to rip you off on the price. A couple we met got charged 10x the price we paid for the same journey…

We have met a good driver, he drives a recent Toyota Hiace van that comfortably seats all of us, and our luggage, and he will happily wait for us when we go places.

Tonight I went to the airport to pickup Kerrie-Anne and he met me at an agreed time, took me to the airport, waited  with me at a local cafe at the airport for Kazza to arrive, then assisted her with her luggage and took us back to the resort. All for the set price of FJ$30 each way.  Can’t beat that for service!