Thursday Kristie and I got up early so I could do some email, and we had breakfast at Hard Rock Cafe, which was disappointing. Then we had our owner update – finding out that the new Worldmark Phuket, Thailand resort will be open December/January and available for bookings… and the resort we are at in FIJI is getting the refurbishment finished and and additional 67 apartments. Unfortunately they are losing a small amount of pool to do it as they have to move the restaurant over it 🙁

We spent the rest of Thursday around the pool, cooking our dinner on a nearby BBQ and watching some of the movie being shown on the screen over the pool.

Friday – well… we found 4 lounge chairs under an umbrella between the pool and the beach… and swam and lazed in the sun/shade/sun…   By lunchtime we were well and truly dried out, had lunch at the poolside restaurant and went back to the apartment for a rest.

Ben cooked scrambled eggs on toast for dinner and with the sun set we returned to the pool to watch the dancing and fire twirling and have a drink or 2…

Here are some photos… 

 PA240004     PA240026 PA240011

Saturday (Today as I write) – Sleep in was on the cards… except for Kristie, who got up to catch the FJ$0.69 bus into Nadi Town for the experience and to get some more groceries, and sun screen.

She isn’t back yet.. and I should probably finish this now and head down to the Cafe to publish these before she gets back.

Hope everyone is well.